Enfoque Cima Restaurante

Have access to the best gastronomy in the city without the need of moving. We offer you a spacious, modern and very illuminated restaurant which also has a picturesque courtyard immersed in the hill.

A varied range of dishes and the suggestions of our chef, combined with a wide selection of wines from our exclusive private winery are brought together to make your staying perfect.

You will also find coffee products, bakery and the best guest service every day.

In summer season, we offer an exclusive service next to our swimming pool for you to enjoy during your staying. Salads, sandwiches and drinks are served in our deck.

Our special suggestions

  • Grilled fillet entrecote served with rustic thyme flavored potatoes.
  • Pumpkin and mozzarella ravioli with Mediterranean sauce (sautéed tomatoes on olive oil, basil, cream and black olives).
  • Breaded hake on spicy purée, battered sticks on potato purée with basil and black olives.
  • Chicken fricassee with mushroom sauce, served with rustic purée.